Vignesh Piramanayagam

Tech Product Manager @ BrowserStack

I write about product, technology, strategy, marketing and more.

Why am I writing here?

There's great power in taking some great tech, a solid business strategy, and combining it with powerful storytelling. Great ideas are worth exploring and this is a space where I capture my thoughts, and want to invite discussions from like-minded individuals who are interested in similar things!

Want to have a chat about anything I write here, or for anything else in general? Reach out to me on LinkedIn!

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A little bit about my professional background

  • Graduated from NIT Trichy with a B.Tech in Civil Engineering. 17 year old Vignesh thought he wanted to build bridges and dams, but 21 year old Vignesh decided he wanted a career in tech instead.
  • Spent a couple of years working for Deloitte in the Consulting (Technology) practice. Helped some clients with their digital transformation efforts. Ended up leading DevOps and Infrastructure for a $1bn e-commerce business. This was a super rewarding experience.
  • Got my MBA from the Indian School of Business, with dual majors in Marketing & Strategy. Best year of my life, hands down. Learned from some incredible professors and rubbed shoulders with some amazing peers. Felt like a fish that finally found water!
  • Joined BrowserStack, the world's largest cloud-based testing platform, now valued at $4bn. In my first role here - I worked as a Product Marketer and helped manage GTMs, develop product positioning & messaging, competitive strategy and more! I then switched over to Product Management and I'm now helping build the next era of innovation in testing. Learning a ton here as BrowserStack is in blitzscaling mode!